Registering your Product

On first launch all NewTek equipment presents a registration dialog window. The Serial number should be entered along with the Registration code, which can be obtained by entering the Serial and Product ID into your account. The Serial is fixed and can be found on the unit whilst the Product ID is an internally generated key. These two pieces of information are used to generate the Registration code.

It is possible to skip registration by just typing in the Serial and leaving the Registration code blank, allowing customers to test their system, establish their workflow, and even rehearse without the warranty clock ticking. The video output will display a watermark until the system is registered, at which point the warranty is activated.

Serial Number : If necessary, enter the unique Serial Number for your system.

Product ID : The Product ID is a unique code generated by the system hardware and software configuration.

Registration Code : Obtain the registration code online either directly from Registration dialog or via another PC connected to the Internet. For later convenience, record the registration code on the sticker provided for this purpose on the unit itself.

Lost Your Registration Code?

All your product registration details are available in your online account at

Registration Popup keeps displaying on bootup?

Error: "Your hardware does not seem to be functioning properly. Please contact NewTek technical support."

This indicates a change in the Product ID, caused by a change in the hardware or software configuration. Typical examples of why this may have happened are:

  • An internal component (eg. GPU, PCIe Video Card, NewTek Main Board, RAM) has come loose or is without power.
  • The Windows OS has been modified (eg. by drivers, updates or (anti)virus).
  • Another device (eg. capture card, network adapter) has been connected by USB or via Network.

Therefore, we recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Temporarily remove any 3rd party devices and the Network connection.
  • Open the top of the chassis and check all components and cables are seated correctly.
  • Perform a Factory Restore, as described in the User Guide.

Advanced Edition Software

Advanced Edition serial numbers are generated/issued against specific TriCaster models and so it’s not possible to transfer an AE serial number between models. Eg, an AE serial number for a 460 cannot be used to on a Mini. However, if the serial hasn’t already been registered, then it may be used on another 460 system. They’re not tied to a particular hardware serial number, just the hardware model.