3Play is a complete Replay Production Platform. The table below shows MediaInfo analysis of native recordings. 3Play's also include a transcoding feature which can export media in other formats.

   3Play 440/4800/Mini 3Play 425/820
 File wrapper  .mov  .mpg
 Format  MPEG-4  MPEG-PS
 Codec  QuickTime qt  
 Writing application
 Overall bit rate mode  Variable  Variable
 Overall bit rate  71.0 Mbps  82.3 Mbps
 Format version  MPEG Version 2  MPEG Version 2
 Format profile  High@High  Main@High
 Format settings, BVOP  No  No
 Format settings, Matrix  Default  Default
 Format settings, GOP  N=1  N=1
 Bit rate  66.4 Mbps  80.2 Mbps
 Maximum bit rate  80.0 Mbps  100.0 Mbps
 Dimensions  1920 x 1080  1920 x 1080
 Display aspect ratio  16:9  16:9
 Frame rate  29.970 fps NTSC  29.970 fps NTSC
 Color space  YUV  YUV
 Chroma subsampling  4:2:2  4:2:0
 Bit depth  8 bits  8 bits
 Scan type  Interlaced  Interlaced
 Scan order  Top Field First  Top Field First
 Compression mode  Lossy  Lossy
 Bits/(Pixel*Frame)  1.069  1.291
 Time code source  Group of pictures header   Group of pictures header
 Time code format  QuickTime TC  
------ Audio ------    
 Format version  PCM (in24)  MPEG Audio Version 1
 Format profile  Little, Unsigned  Layer 2
 Bit rate mode  Constant  Constant
 Bit rate  4 608 Kbps  384 Kbps
 Channels  4 channels  2 channels
 Sampling rate  48.0 KHz  48.0 KHz
 Compression mode    Lossy