Most control surfaces are cross-compatible with other TriCaster models, but you may encounter some limitations in the control workflow.

Control Surface Model

Compatible TriCaster Models

TriCaster 8000 CS

TriCaster 8000

TriCaster 860 CS

TriCaster 860, 460, 410

TriCaster 460 CS

TriCaster 860*, 460, 410

TriCaster Mini CS

TriCaster 8000*, 860*, 460*, 410*, 40

TriCaster 40 CS

TriCaster 460*, 410*, 40, Mini

TriCaster LC-11

TriCaster 860*, 460*, 410*

*Model is considered compatible, but live production functionality is limited

TriCaster 850 TW control surface is supported by all current TriCaster models.

Including the discontinued TriCaster Pro, Studio & Broadcast.

LiveControl LC-11 - Discontinued!!!

Originally there was a LC-8 and RS-8 which could be upgraded to a LC-11.

Works with discontinued TriCaster Pro, Studio & Broadcast.

LC-11 Self Test Mode

On the LC-11 the test can be initiated by pressing odd number buttons one of the rows from left to right (unsure as to what row). You will be able to check the TBar by moving it up and down and should light up when it is all the way up.

LC-11 Calibration

Calibration of the T-Bar requires you remove the 6 screws from the unit and there are two potentiometer which you adjust. The unit does need to be in self test mode. You do this by depressing buttons 1,3,5,7 or 1,3,5 or 2,4,6. Since these are end of life we don't usually repair anymore. You can try this on any row to see if this will get you into the diagnostic mode.  Once you do that the lighs on the left by the t-bar, one on top and one on bottom. of the left ( led light) will ight up. in diagnostic mode. If they dont light when you have the t-bar all the way up or down, then they need adjustment. If you need to adjust the up, please adjust the potentiometer directly below the up position of the T-bar, same applies to the down position of t-bar. 

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