TriCaster’s Tally Light support allows you to connect external tally lights and similar devices. These typically provide a red LED for the video input that is currently selected on the Switcher’s Program row. 

  • 3Plays and TriCaster Mini does not have Tally feature.
  • TriCasters use a 15 pin VGA connector and only support PGM tally.
  • Very old TriCasters use a 1/4" jack and support PGM and PVW tally.

Connection Details
Here is a pin-out listing for TriCaster’s HD15 Tally connector:
  • Pin 1 - LED1
  • Pin 2 - LED2
  • Pin 3 - LED3
  • Pin 4 - LED4
  • Pin 5 - LED5
  • Pin 6 - LED6
  • Pin 7 - LED7
  • Pin 8 - LED8
  • Pin 9 - GND
  • Pin 10 - GND
  • Pin 11 - GPI1
  • Pin 12 - GPI2
  • Pin 13 - NC
  • Pin 14 - 3.3V (20 Ohms current limit)
  • Pin 15 - NC

Engineering Notes
  • LED5-8 are only on 8-input models only
  • Pins 1-(4 or 8) are ‘hot’ when the LED should be illuminated.
  • Each LED pin 1 (4 or 8) has a 200 ohm current limiting resistor inside TriCaster.
  • With no load (open circuit) the LED pins can reach 5V. With a typical LED load, they can be expected to reach about 3V.
  • To prevent damage to TriCaster’s components when making external connections to the tally light jacks, care should be taken that connection to Pins designated GND (Ground) are always at ground potential.

Tally Over SDI
Tally over SDI, as supported by devices from Blackmagic Design, is natively supported, and requires no special configuration.

GPI Configuration
The NewTek macro system can take advantage of intermediary devices, such as the JLCooper eBOX network/GPI hardware interface, to support both GPI signal input and output. For an external GPI device to communicate with a NewTek live production system, it must be manually defined by text entries in the file named gpi_setup.xml. This file can be located in C:\TriCaster(or 3Play)\Configuration\. More details are in the TriCaster User Guide.

3rd Party Solutions

LanLink Pocket Tally 

Wireless Tally solution. Fonix can also supply in UK:

3D Storm

LiveTally Air - wireless Tally solution: Actually manufactured by UK company:

LiveTally Converter - voltage controlled to closed contacts adapter cable:

The pin layout is as follow:   

PIN 1 => CAM 1

PIN 2 => CAM 2


PIN 8 => CAM8   

PIN 9 et 10 for ground

JLCooper eBOX network/GPI interface


Windows Configuration Utility:

The eBOX is really just a GPI breakout box for the TriCaster system. The eBOX simply receives GPI commands from TriCaster to set the GPI outputs. In the reverse direction, the eBOX detects changes on the GPI inputs and informs the TriCaster system. All of the programming and behavior is configured in the TriCaster system.

Both MetaSETZ and Tally-Lights have solutions which not only convert TriCaster's variable voltage tally to contact closure, making it compatible with the Datavideos ITC-100, but they can also provide both preview and program tally.

Tally-Lights LLC

TriCaster Adapter Cables:


Tally Light Systems for TriCasters: