How to get TriCaster recordings into AVID Media Composer

Latest Update:

As of version 7.x, Avid Media Composer can AMA link natively recorded TriCaster Quicktime 4:2:2 files. Previous versions of Media Composers could only AMA the QT 4:2:0 files which for many users, wasn’t good enough. So the fact that both 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 files can be brought in Avid is great news. 

Legacy Instructions:

It really depends on the version of AVID you are running but QuickTime is always preferable to AVI or MPEG. Avid Media Access (AMA) is the best way to bring content into AVID as there's no transcoding. You can however use the standard import tool but this will transcode the content so it's a lot slower. Using AMA will just re-wrap the files.

Here's a quick step by step using the AMA process:

  1. Copy media onto system with Media Composer installed, or mount removable drive from TriCaster with a drive bay of some sort.
  2. Open a project in Media Composer.
  3. Create a new Bin and select it 
  4. Go to the file menu and select "Link to AMA File(s).." 
  5. Browse to and select the file(s) you want to link to. 
  6. At the bottom of the file selection window it will say "Enable:" Select "All Available Plugins" Because the TriCaster recordings are Quicktime files, there's no need to add any plugins other than the included Quicktime one. 
  7. Select OK and the clips will be available in the bin like other clips