Debug Logs

These are standard log files which can be submitted for inspection.

On recent software revisions, the logs are found on the session's media drive/session folder/logs

On older models, the logs are located at C://Tricaster/Bin64/Logs/lastrunlog.gzip

EventCap Logs  

When you get an EventCap log, please be sure to also grab the standard debug log which is created while you are following the instructions below and then send in both files.

  1. Exit out to Windows desktop. 
  2. Navigate to C:\TriCaster\Drivers\hdbins 
  3. Locate and run the exe called "EventCap.exe". 
  4. Leave the small window open and start TriCaster. 
  5. Reproduce the issue. 
  6. Exit back out to the Windows desktop. 
  7. Click the "Close" button on the EventCap window (it will automatically save the log). 
  8. Navigate to C:\tmp 
  9. Grab the most recent .evz file from that folder. 
  10. Grab the most recent debug log which can be found on the drive you created the session on under \Sessions\<session name>\Logs\LastRun.txt.gz Send both of these log files in to us. 

COM Surrogate Errors

COM Surrogate errors are usually caused by a video media file which TriCaster/Windows doesn't like. It's having problems drawing the thumbnail and spits out this error when it can't resolve it.  

Probably best to either start fresh with a new session and new media or try and identity the offending media file.