NewTek are constantly improving both VSE and the TriCaster software so we suggest updating to the very latest VSE software and also to make sure you are running the very last TriCaster software. These are available for download at

When designing Virtual Sets in Photoshop, it is recommended to use 3840 x 2160 as this will provide you with enough resolution to be able to zoom the virtual camera and still maintain a high visual quality, without introducing the artefacts caused when digitally zooming beyond the native HD resolution.

VSE interprets 32bits/channel (floating point) images as being Linear color space, which can cause issues if you are using sRGB color space. The simplist fix is to change PSD image maode to 16 Bit/Channel before importing into VSE. This won't affect any precision, but VSE will not reinterpret the color space so everything should end up looking just the same.

Numerical zoom levels are no longer supported as the latest generation TriCaster systems allow the operator to manually adjust the virtual cameras position during live production. So the presets are now more of a guide which the operator can adjust to suit his or her personal taste.