Creating a new System disk from another machine of the same type

1.Copy drive from source machine onto a new hard drive using Clonezilla.

2.Install new drive in target machine

3.Carry out a system restore

4.Boot System

5.When Tricaster asks “I Accept or Exit” click exit. DO NOT click I accept. The reason for this is that the Windows installation now has the wrong product key as it has come from the other machine, when Tricaster first runs it will calculate the Product ID from the Windows product Key and if run at this stage will calculate the same Product ID as the source machine. You will then end up with two machines with the same product ID.

6.Now right click on Computer and change the Windows Key to the one on the machines label.


8.When Tricaster asks “I Accept or exit” click “I Accept”. Tricaster will now run and go to the registration page. The Product Key will now be correct for the machine.

9.You now need to create a new restore image, do this as follows:

10.Reboot machine and select “Restore Factory Defaults”. When it says “Enter Yes to continue, power off to abort” type: NewTekReimage

11.The system will now create a new restore image with the correct Windows Product ID and Newtek product key.

12.Now go ahead and re register the unit. The Newtek registration code should be the same as it was originally.